10 Habits for a Cleaner Home


10 simple Tips or Habits for a Cleaner Home

Galway-cleaning-service1. Start the day by making your bed every morning

2. Remove any clothes from the floor and hang up or put in to a laundry basket

3. Tidy kitchen after eating breakfast, putting all food away and putting dishes in dishwasher or just wash them

4. Pack away groceries or shopping when you bring it in to the house

5. Keep doors clear of clutter, so hang up coats and put away shoes when you come home.

6. Clear up after meals, washing all dishes,  wiping down all surfaces and binning any rubbish

7. Empty bins regularly to avoid spillage and smells

8. Clear out the fridge once a month of any old or unusable foods

9. Do a Night Time check up to ensure the place is litter free

10. Empty the bathroom and bathroom bins once a week

Doing these few things regularly will make them habits and soon the house will simply be clean at all times. If there are any other residents in the house, get their buy-in for a cleaner home too


Cleaning Tips 10 Habits for a cleaner home