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Galway_Cleaning_GeraldineIn 1997, my mother Ann, originally from Dungloe, Co Donegal was diagnosed with Cancer, she was only 49 years old with 5 children, a truly terrifying time for her family, an incredibly strong and positive woman, she accepted the hand she was dealt and got on with it.  I never once heard my mum complain, saw her cry or say ‘why me?’  She never allowed her illness to prevent her from doing all the things she wanted to do, from Camel rides in Jeruselem, to Climbing mountains in Medjugorje, where she found her strength and courage.  She always had great faith and her devotion to Our Lady was pure.

Our Mother was a true fighter,  she battled her illness every day for 20 years,  she was very special,  one of a kind,  she was everything to so many people, she had big thoughts,  a unique brand of wisdom with no filter.   She was so incredibly generous,  kind, with a massive heart and loved and cared for the elderly.  She was never too busy to talk to people.  She gave so much of her time to help others and still remained in her job whilst going through her treatment.
Mum worked as a cleaner in our church and loved every minute of her 20 years there.  She was a very hard worker and an exceptional cleaner.  As my mum became more ill, she had to get chemo every 2 weeks,  so she decided to take time out from work to recover from the treatment.  This is where I stood in for her until she was fit to go back to work,  but my Mum was unable to return to work.  So I decided to remain working in the church and carry on what she loved to do and doing it to her very high standards.

Galway-hospice-supportMy family and I decided to look after Mum in her own home and so we did for many years.  However,  reluctanly we had to move her to the Galway Hospice as she became more and more ill.  We felt it was the best place for her,  the care she received was second to none,  the staff there are ‘angels’ in our opinion.  They catered for Mums every need and that of my family,  we stayed there every day and night with her.  The staff could not do enough for us all.  It was simply unbelievable the care these people provided, not just for the patient,  but for the families also.  They are real life angels,  and we will always be truly grateful to each and every member of staff there.  Sadly, Mum did pass away on the 11th of January 2017 in the Galway Hospice.  She was our mother,  our best friend,  our hero and a true inspiration,  we will always love her and always remember her,  she is truly missed by so many. I think about my Mum and the staff in the Galway Hospice every day.

So now its my turn to give back as much as I possibly can to the Hospice to help them to continue the amazing work they do for other patients and families effected by Cancer. https://www.galwayhospice.ie/

Galway Hospice LogoAfter a lot of thought on how to do this,  I decided to set up my own cleaning company in my mothers memory and donate as much money as I can to the wonderful Galway Hospice.   No amount of money would be enough to give back for what they did for Mum and her family,  but I need to try to make a difference.

I would like to thank everyone that supported my Mum and our family over all those years,  a special thanks to my Partner who has supported me every step of the way and helped me to set up Galway Cleaning in my mums memory  whilst going through his own grief when his mother passed away 3 weeks before mine.  I think both our mothers are with us and have passed on great strength to us both, for that we will always be grateful. Now how can I help you? Call me on 085 2511270

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I have been a client of Geraldines for years - good luck with the new business

Geraldines attention to detail is so good, my own Mother is impressed !!!

- Karen Moynihan -

Great service and attitude

Nothing is ever too much for Ger and we recommend her so highly.

- Nan Evers -

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